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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Types of link | One way link, Two way Link, Three way link, Reciprocal Link Exchange

(1)One Way Link


1 way links are when a site receives a link without providing a link in return. This would be the least suspicious type, making a comment on a blog that includes a link would be a one way link to the commenter's site, paying a site to link to your site would also be a one way link,though there is a reciprocation of another type.
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·         Core Values of One way Link
·         ·  At least 20% links among all our delivered links will be placed on the home page.
·         ·  We will get one way links from only relevant websites that belong to your website's niche.
·         ·  You assure all our delivered links will be only from cached and indexed pages of Google.
·         ·  Different anchor texts will be chosen in developing the links to prevent spam in terms of search engines.
·         ·  Each order delivered by us will include a detailed report on the link building efforts along with the exact location of each link acquired for your website.
·         ·  All our developed links will be of permanent nature with a minimum guarantee of 1 year.
·         ·  All the links will be monitored on weekly basis for 1 year and free replacement of the dead/inactive links will be provided to the clients.
( 2 )Two way Links :-

Two way links: Two way links are also called reciprocal link is a mutual link between two websites to ensure mutual traffic. For example, John and James have websites. If John's website links to Jame's website, and John's website links to Jame's website, the websites are reciprocally linked. Two way linking between websites is no longer an important part of the search engine optimization process.Google and other search engines now do not give credit to reciprocal linking as it does not indicate genuine link popularity.

What is reciprocal link exchange (two way link building)?

A reciprocal link exchange (two way link building) is linking that happens between two industry relevant websites. In a reciprocal link exchange the two websites have to agree to link to one another. Reciprocal link exchange is only a give and take process where both websites are industry relevant and share the targeted traffic.
The reciprocal link exchange service, need to find a website that is equally relevant as yours website. Our link building service will search and find a relevant website and good ranking. This way your website will gain good ranking as much as the other website have.

What benefits you get from reciprocal (two way link building) link exchange service?

§  Reciprocal link exchange will increase your website visibility through the relevant website linking with yours.
§  Through the reciprocal link exchange, your website can get increased quality web traffic.
§  Reciprocal link exchange service has been promoting the websites of our clients to a wide range of audiences.
§  Your website search engine ranking will increase for varied keyword searches.
§  It is an affordable and effective source to get direct web traffic towards your website.
These are the benefits you would get from the reciprocal link building service (two way link building service) only when you get it done from the professional link building experts. Our link building experts are well versed with the reciprocal linking strategies and will give you a good quality inbound links (back links).

( 3 )Three  way Links :-   

3 way links are a more convoluted strategy intended to conceal the transaction from the search engines, involving at least one party owning 2 sites arranging for site A to link to site B in exchange for site C linking to site A, these arrangements can still be detected by the all seeing search engines.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Get A Top 5 Google Ranking In 30 Days | Five things which you need to take care for SEO, SEO Errors

Get A Top 5 Google Ranking In 30 Days. 

We have a good looking website, having a good and optimized content, but it is not enough. We need to be aware from  few small mistakes which are important to our cost. These  are a few mistakes which site owners usually do:

seo errors

Five things which you need to take care for SEO!

five things for seo

Title It is the first thing which attracts the visitor. It should be according to the standard of the above dealing industry . Concept about the title is to provide the main keyword of our website

Meta Tags: There are three things, One is Title. Other two are meta keywords and descriptions. Proper care should be given for choosing these. Every keyword should be inserted on one single page, but we need to implement only a few and most related keyword according to that page. For description , it should be according to the page, because will be shown by Search Engines on the SERP. Visitor will decide to visit your page on the behalf on description.

Interactive Images and Presentation: It is not so important to put on the site, because Search Engines are not going to cache them. Search engine mostly understands the text only. But these can be properly used to get the attraction of the visitors.

Link Building: Try to generate social networking links for website. Never build links from any link farm because it will harm our site .

Repetition of the keywords: A normal keyword density of around 3-5% should be maintained in the website. Never try to implement too many keywords on the pages of your website, it will more harm . We should understand these facts to avoid any type of SEO Error, after this no Search Engine will penalize our site. Always remember guidelines of Google, we always try to make website for our visitor rather than to make it for Search Engines.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

How to Become a Successful Blogger, What are The Basic Things in S.E.O, Keywords Selection, URL Structure

Best Seo Tips:-

Meta Title

The most essential stuff required for the SEO of your website is the Meta Title of the web pages. This is the first thing which any visitor will see in search engines, when they will search for you. This is something which can influence the visitor to visit or not to visit your web page. Thus considering these things you prepared the Meta titles of all the pages of your website. Make sure that there should not be any duplicity in between them.

Meta Descriptions

Another stuff which is important is the Meta Description for each of the pages. Though as per many SEO analysts it is not required to create Meta Descriptions for your web pages, but I would recommend creating unique Meta descriptions for all the web pages, as this field will be displayed by search engines in search engine result page (SERP), if they find it blank they might display anything for this, which might not be liked by your potential customer, and thus might force your visitors to visit your site. So always prepare the Meta description for all the web pages of your website.  

Meta Keywords

Though not necessarily required, but still you might use Meta keywords for explaining search engines about the prime keywords for each of your web pages.


Once you prepared all the basic things, now it is the time to decorate them in a better way. Let’s pick an image (at least one) for each of your web pages, and prepare the alt tag as per your target keywords. As you might be aware that search engines don’t be able to read the images, they came to know about them with the help of alternative tags, which is popularly known as alt tags. Make sure that your images are resized as per your web pages design. So, all the basic stuffs are now ready with you, go ahead and now prepare the pages, put things in a proper manner, do verify them once again and now you can publish your website. Make sure the linking on your website is immaculate and there are no broken links or images left on your web site. You can definitely now publish your website, but do take care of these few things as well before making them live:


Once your website will be live, you must need to track the visitors of your site. Thus you need some analytics software to track the same. If you ask me, nothing is better than Google Analytics, so let’s create an account in Google Analytics and put your code on all the pages of your site. Instead of putting analytics code on each page you might be able to create a template in which you can put code in one page and call them on each pages, or you pasted it at one place and it should be displayed on the code of all the web pages of your site. Else later when you create some new pages, you might be able to forget putting code into it.

Google Webmaster Tools

Another most important tool which you need for the health of your website is the Google webmaster tools. I am not going to explain the things which you can do with Google webmaster tools, as I will plan a new blog post on the same, but the most important aspect of setting up Google webmaster tools account is that you will be able to receive notifications about your website from there only, which becomes too important for webmasters. Make sure to verify your website at Google webmaster tools.

Bing Webmaster Tools

Not mandatory, but ideally you should also set up your account at Bing webmaster tools, so that you can get relevant information about your website. These days, Bing webmaster tools have also becoming popular in the SEO community.


Another thing which you need for your website is a sitemap. A sitemap is a must, as search engines give so much importance to them. Make sure to have a HTML sitemap for your visitors, and a XML sitemap for search engines. Don’t forget to add them on Google and Bing Webmaster tools.


Don’t forget to have a robots.txt file in your root. If you want to block some pages to any particular search engines, let’s display the same in it; else make the default robots.txt file though which all the search engines should be able to access all the pages of your website. Make sure that there should not be any mistake in it. So your website is almost ready with all the necessary stuffs which are important from the search engine optimization perspective. But still you are missing one of the most crucial elements over here. Do you have any guess? Let me tell you:

Web Hosting

Web hosting from a good, renowned, reputable and trustworthy company is always necessary. It is very much important as if your web server will be down you will lose your business. Also a good and trustworthy company will always protect your site from any malicious attacks, keep your site up for almost all the time, and provide you automatic back-up and backups at the time of emergency. As we know that these days Google is considering the time required to upload your website as a very important parameter for the ranking of your website, so choosing the best possible web hosting becomes essential for us. If you are searching for a reliable and trustworthy web hosting for your website, don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can suggest you the best possible stuffs.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Google can Penalize Non Mobile-Friendly Sites | Penalties for non-mobile-friendly site, Google w'll Punish If You Do not Have A Mobile-Friendly website, Non-Mobile-Friendly Websites can be Penalized by Google!

Non-Mobile-Friendly Websites can be Penalized by Google!

non mobile friendly websites can be penalized

If  you are  running a blog / website which is not having a mobile-friendly version then be ready to face Google penalty for the same.